Friday, March 20, 2009


Soccer has always been a passion to me.
I used to live it, breathe it, sleep it!
Non-stop soccer.
Soccer last year came and went,
Most of the snotty seniors went who were b*tches,
&& Went on their way(:
Thaaaank Goodness(:

NOW we come to this soccer season.
B*tching, complaining, whinning, arguing, "try-to-be coaches", It's all about ME girls...
It's so old.
I don't have the heart to play it anymore.
I don't have that burning passion of plowing someone over to score a goal and not letting anyone get in my way!
I go to practice because I don't have a choice.
I can't let my team down...
But, we're not even really a team.
We don't run as a team,
We don't talk like a team,
We don't encourage each other like a team should.
There is a girl,
[I'm not naming names]
But someone on that field [not a player]
Showers her and makes her stand out...
Yea she's good,
But get a grip ya know? There are other girls on the team
Who may be just as good as her.
I'm getting so sick of this soccer season already this year and it hasn't even really started.

This is venting for tonight!
I shall continue tomorrow..