Friday, December 19, 2008


Hollla amigos!(:

Today, we dooo indeed have a snowday... it's crazy outside. I even heard it freezing raining this morning... it was cool(: Then I went outside with my puppies and we played in the snow, and now I'm FREEEZING!!!

I wish that I could've seen Brandon today=( I've been thinking about him ALL day... and I just wish that he was right here with me(: I wanted to go sledding and stuff with him, but he has to work at 3, which sucks even more. And his parents won't let him do anything because of the roads... they never let us do anything. it sucks!

So now I get to sit at home and think about what I want for Christmas(: I really want a ring, like, not like, a special ring or anything, just something pretty. I wish I could wear my mom's opal ring.. it's beautiful! But the opal falls out, which sucks... especially since she doesn't wear it anymore. But it's now my time to leave.
Peace for nowww(:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real friend?


Today was much better then the last two days. I feel like, I have no friends. Everyone is mad at me, and I'm trying to do everything right that I can. But oh well. I guess it's just how life is supposed to go right now.

Brandon and I have been fighting for a while, like we fought today, but finally got over it(: I hate fighting with Brandon... it makes me feel horrible.

But enough for toooday(:

Asta La Vista Babyy(:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Day...

Hello again.
I think that I could easily get used to this(:
Today has sucked... acutally,
the last WEEK has sucked.
I've been fighting with someone VERY important to me in my family,
&& It's kind of like, she doesn't care.
I babysat her kids, and she quit her job because I accidentally hit her kid in the head with an elliptical... alright, I didn't do it purposely..
Anyways, she won't pay me for the 2 days that I DID babysit..
I'm sorry but I'm a little pissed about that.
I babysat your kids, I picked one of them up from school,
I fed them, I watched them, I kept them safe..
&& you can't return the favor by paying me MY money that I worked for..
Instead you whine about having a $200 hospital bill..
First of all,
One half of that is from YOU..
Maybe if you were watching your children, your one woudln't have ran into the TV and busted it open the FIRST time...
So maybe you should be thinking about yourself in this..
Secondly, your husband is the other one who wasn't paying attention when the SAME child fell and ALMOST bit his tounge off.
So, please, don't be blamming me for ALL of this...
Yea, I made a mistake.
I didn't do it purposely.
You've never told me to not work out when they're down there...
I've never got that memo.
Grow up!
I'm going to be the bigger person about all of this,
&& forget it.
but if your reading this,
Think about it!
Read all of this and take it into consideration.
Grow up! Get a job!
Your kids will be just fine.

Going on(:
So, I'm in Spanish and it's pretty boring.
We had to do a dictionary and I got mine done about an hour or so ago...
&& next I have lunch..
&& stephanie comes home today.
I'm pretty glad that her and her lover aren't together..
She is going to be home now, and we can acutally see her when she's home!
It's been a looong time since her and I have hung out...
Other than the fact that she's been at college haha.
But anyways,
Well, I think that this is enough for one day.
My venting is over!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My first(:

This is my first blog..
I'm not much of a blogger, not like my sister is at least.
I've been having a tough week.
But it's almost over, it's almost Christmas so,
We'll see how it goes.
Yesterday was our snowball,
It was alright.
Not amazing but not the best.

I must say though, especially with this being a first blog,
I must explain myself.

I am 16.
My family means the world to me.
I used to babysit the most cutest boys ever,
Shit happens...
I'm not gonna lie,
&& now I don't babysit anymore for them.
I miss them, a lot.
Butttttt, I have the most wonderful boyfriend.
His name is Brandon<3
He is the love of my life.
We've been dating for 2 years and 1 month now.
Our anniversary is on the 6th(:
&& we're going strong<3
The Bahamas<3
For sure.
My parents both have jobs..
We're definitely not rich...
But we're not poor.
Annnd, what else?
That's about it about my family=P

I did go Christmas shopping the other day,
For my boyfriend.
I bought him:
A tie blanket(:
[It's suppper cute and warm as well(:]
&& I am making him
"A Message In A Bottle"
Hopefully he'll like it.
I'm using seashells he wanted me to get
when I was on my cruise to the Bahamas.
I'm pretty sure they mean a lot to him..
&& rocks from Lake Michigan.
&& then, I want to get him something else,
but not sure what.
But this is it for my first blogg(:

I'm officially A blogger(: