Friday, December 19, 2008


Hollla amigos!(:

Today, we dooo indeed have a snowday... it's crazy outside. I even heard it freezing raining this morning... it was cool(: Then I went outside with my puppies and we played in the snow, and now I'm FREEEZING!!!

I wish that I could've seen Brandon today=( I've been thinking about him ALL day... and I just wish that he was right here with me(: I wanted to go sledding and stuff with him, but he has to work at 3, which sucks even more. And his parents won't let him do anything because of the roads... they never let us do anything. it sucks!

So now I get to sit at home and think about what I want for Christmas(: I really want a ring, like, not like, a special ring or anything, just something pretty. I wish I could wear my mom's opal ring.. it's beautiful! But the opal falls out, which sucks... especially since she doesn't wear it anymore. But it's now my time to leave.
Peace for nowww(:

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