Monday, February 23, 2009


Why do boyfriends have to be so complicated?

[a frequent or favorite male companion; beau.]
My definition:
A man that I love!
That is my boyfriend Brandon.
He is so amazing.
I just, he makes me so mad sometimes. Today, we sat at lunch and he usually goes to get me milk but the one time that he doesnt i decide to throw a fit...and hide his lunch just bvecause I am a little kid at heart and I needed milk and he always knows that I bring cereal and I need milk for my cereal... it's just common sense.
Anyways, he woudln't go and get me it so then he was being a butt and now it's our last bowling match before regionals and he won't even come watch me. He says he has to "lift" so he says. But when he has to work, oh screw lifting, but when it comes to his girlfriend, oh, screw the girlfriend... and then he goes and lift. I feel SO not loved right now.
He's such a butthole!
And then he acts like nothing is wrong, like everything is better and he doesn't even care.
Sometimes, I wonder what to do!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hola Amigos.
Mi llamo Chelsea. No tengo escuela hoy. Verdad, justo un dos horas retraso.
Anyways, since I'm not going to have spanish class today, I had to study my espanol somehow.
But, life sucks right now.
I have like, 20 things to talk about.

1. Friends.
My friend told me a few days ago,
that her and her step-sister might
move to Florida next year.
They're both sophomores,
but they're all I got!
I did a survey the other day that
asked me about my friends.
I have 7 best friends:
a. Brandon
b. Caroline
c. Taylor
d. Sammy
e. Vanessa
f. Jackie
g. Austin and Courtney Smeenge!
h. Kendra
They're all I have.
Brandon is here in Hillsdale.
Caroline is in Texas=(
Taylor and Sammy are the ones that might move.
Vanessa is in Hudson.
Jackie doesn't even talk to me anymore
Kendra lives here in Hillsdale.
and The Smeenges live in Sawgatuck.
I mean, come on. I have no one.
I have Kendra, but we dont "hang out hang out"
She's one of my best friends.

Next subject

2. Brandon
I love this boy with everything that I have.
He's amazing,
Loves to make me laugh,
There is so much more!
But we fight, all the time.
He's always working so I never see him,
He hardly ever comes to bowling matches,
and he doesn't even ask how I did.
Last night,
I was a little upset because I didn't get to talk to him!
I guess I can't get everything I want.

3. Bowling
This girl won't pay me
For the sweatshirts
Why can't people just grow up and pay me the $$?
But anways,
I think enough venting for today.