Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm baccck!

So, it's been a while.
I've started college!:D
I'm a freshman.
He is my life, my world, my heart.
We plan on getting married in 4 years, hopefully those four years will go fassssst!!!

He has graduated from MCRD, we got engaged on September 19, 2010! A night I will never forget!:D
I could go on and on about this boy, I love him so much.
I've gone through a LOT since the last time I've blogged.

I look back at the stuff that I wrote, the life that I had.
Man, I miss those days.
But, I've graduated from Hillsdale High, I'm attending Adrian College, graduating in 2014.
I am going into elementary education and photography.
This past summer, Brandon left the day OF graduation, from his open house. The recruiter came in and just took him away. It was the hardest thing to do, say goodbye. that summer, a lot of stuff changed. I didn't have any friends, the one time I needed them, they all let me down; all but 2: Katie West and Vanessa Varney.
When I wasn't with them, I worked at either Coney's && Swirls or Lifetouch- The Photography Company(: I was SO glad when I got that job! I got my foot in the door for photography. I did senior pictures last year and they turned out great! I would sit at home and wait for letters from Brandon; day after day; getting letters about how much he missed me, how we were going to get engaged when he got home, and it was the best thing that ever happened to us; we've gotten SO much closer.

The night before he left, we went out and I sat in his lap as we looked at the stars. Brandon saw a shooting start that night; We both wished for each other; I wished that these 3 months would go fast, we would get through this and stay together. He wished that I would say yes when he proposed, that he would get through the whole boot camp and we'd get through it.
This past summer was tough, I hated it, but I had to get through it. It for sure wasn't easy; I made the best Marine girlfriends this summer though; Carmen, Sasha, Olivia, Meagan, they're were all going through the same thing I was and it was fantastic to have someone feel the same way I did. These girls are tough; we are all tough but I know that us girls will stay friends forever.
But I got through summer, came to college, and started out my first college semester. It's going pretty well.
But that's all I will blog about for tonight; I shall tell our reunion tomrrow night.
Good night all!