Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm baccck!

So, it's been a while.
I've started college!:D
I'm a freshman.
He is my life, my world, my heart.
We plan on getting married in 4 years, hopefully those four years will go fassssst!!!

He has graduated from MCRD, we got engaged on September 19, 2010! A night I will never forget!:D
I could go on and on about this boy, I love him so much.
I've gone through a LOT since the last time I've blogged.

I look back at the stuff that I wrote, the life that I had.
Man, I miss those days.
But, I've graduated from Hillsdale High, I'm attending Adrian College, graduating in 2014.
I am going into elementary education and photography.
This past summer, Brandon left the day OF graduation, from his open house. The recruiter came in and just took him away. It was the hardest thing to do, say goodbye. that summer, a lot of stuff changed. I didn't have any friends, the one time I needed them, they all let me down; all but 2: Katie West and Vanessa Varney.
When I wasn't with them, I worked at either Coney's && Swirls or Lifetouch- The Photography Company(: I was SO glad when I got that job! I got my foot in the door for photography. I did senior pictures last year and they turned out great! I would sit at home and wait for letters from Brandon; day after day; getting letters about how much he missed me, how we were going to get engaged when he got home, and it was the best thing that ever happened to us; we've gotten SO much closer.

The night before he left, we went out and I sat in his lap as we looked at the stars. Brandon saw a shooting start that night; We both wished for each other; I wished that these 3 months would go fast, we would get through this and stay together. He wished that I would say yes when he proposed, that he would get through the whole boot camp and we'd get through it.
This past summer was tough, I hated it, but I had to get through it. It for sure wasn't easy; I made the best Marine girlfriends this summer though; Carmen, Sasha, Olivia, Meagan, they're were all going through the same thing I was and it was fantastic to have someone feel the same way I did. These girls are tough; we are all tough but I know that us girls will stay friends forever.
But I got through summer, came to college, and started out my first college semester. It's going pretty well.
But that's all I will blog about for tonight; I shall tell our reunion tomrrow night.
Good night all!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's official... I want to get married NOW!!

It's a Saturday night and after working 3 wedding receptions, I want to get married NOW!
I want to marry Brandon and live forever with him!
I want to walk down that long isle with him in front of hundreds of people.
I want to feel beautiful and have him actually SHOW me that he thinks that I am beautiful on my wedding day.
I want to kiss him and hug him as a husband!
I want to share the first dance with him and ONLY him!
I want to be able to do whatever I want and go wherever I want to go with him!
I want to not have to ask, but be able to see him everyday!!
I would looove for other people to be jealous of what him and I have together(:
I want that day to come for me. And I know it will, just not soon enough=P

My wedding day is going to be FULL of surprises!
The day we get married, all of our family members will become one big family, but like Brandon and I will become one(:| So in that case, our family's will sit together, AS ONE! There will be no assigned seats... you're going to have to get used to each other, so you might as well just sit by each other=P
I am... going to have:
*Popcorn Chicken from Wal Mart as my meal; with mashed potatoes, corn, strawberry with chocolate... [a fountain by the way], pasta salad my way(:|
My bridesmaids are going to be:
*Maid of Honor=Stephanie
Aunt Wendy(:
Flower Girls:

Then Brandon can pick whoever he wants on his side=P
What else is going to be different?
You know, every wedding I try to pick out stuff I will do different, stuff that will make people walk away from it remembering forever and saying, I loved that wedding|reception(:

I can't wait!
I hope it comes soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It was a very important day for me and Brandon.
July 6th, 2009 marked the 2 years and 8 months that Brandon and I have been together(:

We went on a picnic for the first time, ever!
He even promised me we would go.=D
We went to Wendy's... [taha] then went to the lake, put down a purple blanket and laid together and ate our sandwiches and fries until we were both done(: We went down to the lake and found a turtle. He was a soft-shell and Brandon and I both decided to keep it and call it ours.
We put him in a Wendy's cup that Brandon used for his drink and watched him swim. We sat there for a little while and watched the clouds roll by and finally looked up and our turtle and thought of a name for him... Piggy was the first thing that came to mind because that's what he looked like, the cutest pig-turtle I've ever seen!
Brandon took our turtle home and is taking care of him as we speak(:

That was our anniversary(:
It was so much fun.

Later on, he calls me and tells me he got his job for the Marines... his job is the infantry.
He leaves for boot camp some time in June next year and stays until some time in September. He graduates from there and has a 2 week leave, he told me he's going to do something very very special then, and then he goes to Infantry School for about 2 weeks or so. Then, he is either stationed or goes right over seas, and if he does go straight over seas, then what he did in September that was really special will come true(:

I'm scared as hell for him to leave me. I think it will be good for me to be at Baker though. I will be close to home and close to his family and my family. I could get a job and keep my mind off of him either being alive or... yea, you know. I think it will help me because I can focus on school work and when he comes back, we can live together(:
I will be... atleast 21 by the time I graduate. I can live with him and start a family and see him everyday(:
It's exciting.
I can't wait to grow up(:

Friday, June 12, 2009


What is up my non-blog readers? Haha.
Summer is so boring so far.
I really miss everything.
I went to a party last night;
There was alcohol everywhere.
Someone puked and they were playing beer pong.
It was really awkward because I wasn't drinking.
Either was Brandon but we were the only ones who weren't.
I wish...
We could go back go the days when alcohol didn't interfere with out lives. People don't understand.
I really miss those days.
When we just got together to socialize. Not to get drunk and not remember a darn thing that happened that night..

I really miss my Fabulous Four this year.

Those are my fabulous four<3
I can't wait for next year now.
Aww, I miss you girls=(

Friday, June 5, 2009

You don't know WHAT I go through...

People talk all the time about their friends going into the armed forces, and how their going to go through withdraws. I talk about Brandon [my boy] going into the Marines and him leaving. People are like, oh yea, I know how you feel!
I'm Pretty sure you don't. No one knows what I am going to go through or what I am going through now.
Brandon has been going to camps in Lansing just to sign up for it and go to a few things, just to go through camps and stuff.
People don't know what I've been thinking or going through.
What if something happens to Brandon? I want to marry this kid, and have kids with him. I want to grow old with him and be by his side for the rest of our lives.
I love this kid so much, no one will ever understand how much I love him, not even him.
I know God will take care of him, and keep him safe while he's over there.
But what really bothers me, is when people act like they know what I'm talking about, what I feel...
I was telling my friend the other day about it, and her other friend was laughing behind me in the seat, it drives me nuts!

I just thought I would share=D

Friday, March 20, 2009


Soccer has always been a passion to me.
I used to live it, breathe it, sleep it!
Non-stop soccer.
Soccer last year came and went,
Most of the snotty seniors went who were b*tches,
&& Went on their way(:
Thaaaank Goodness(:

NOW we come to this soccer season.
B*tching, complaining, whinning, arguing, "try-to-be coaches", It's all about ME girls...
It's so old.
I don't have the heart to play it anymore.
I don't have that burning passion of plowing someone over to score a goal and not letting anyone get in my way!
I go to practice because I don't have a choice.
I can't let my team down...
But, we're not even really a team.
We don't run as a team,
We don't talk like a team,
We don't encourage each other like a team should.
There is a girl,
[I'm not naming names]
But someone on that field [not a player]
Showers her and makes her stand out...
Yea she's good,
But get a grip ya know? There are other girls on the team
Who may be just as good as her.
I'm getting so sick of this soccer season already this year and it hasn't even really started.

This is venting for tonight!
I shall continue tomorrow..

Monday, February 23, 2009


Why do boyfriends have to be so complicated?

[a frequent or favorite male companion; beau.]
My definition:
A man that I love!
That is my boyfriend Brandon.
He is so amazing.
I just, he makes me so mad sometimes. Today, we sat at lunch and he usually goes to get me milk but the one time that he doesnt i decide to throw a fit...and hide his lunch just bvecause I am a little kid at heart and I needed milk and he always knows that I bring cereal and I need milk for my cereal... it's just common sense.
Anyways, he woudln't go and get me it so then he was being a butt and now it's our last bowling match before regionals and he won't even come watch me. He says he has to "lift" so he says. But when he has to work, oh screw lifting, but when it comes to his girlfriend, oh, screw the girlfriend... and then he goes and lift. I feel SO not loved right now.
He's such a butthole!
And then he acts like nothing is wrong, like everything is better and he doesn't even care.
Sometimes, I wonder what to do!