Friday, June 12, 2009


What is up my non-blog readers? Haha.
Summer is so boring so far.
I really miss everything.
I went to a party last night;
There was alcohol everywhere.
Someone puked and they were playing beer pong.
It was really awkward because I wasn't drinking.
Either was Brandon but we were the only ones who weren't.
I wish...
We could go back go the days when alcohol didn't interfere with out lives. People don't understand.
I really miss those days.
When we just got together to socialize. Not to get drunk and not remember a darn thing that happened that night..

I really miss my Fabulous Four this year.

Those are my fabulous four<3
I can't wait for next year now.
Aww, I miss you girls=(

1 comment:

  1. I cant wait for next year either! I miss you too and will always love ya! lol We are such dorks in those pictures but at the same time we are adoreable :D

    see you hopefully soon!

    Katie W.