Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's official... I want to get married NOW!!

It's a Saturday night and after working 3 wedding receptions, I want to get married NOW!
I want to marry Brandon and live forever with him!
I want to walk down that long isle with him in front of hundreds of people.
I want to feel beautiful and have him actually SHOW me that he thinks that I am beautiful on my wedding day.
I want to kiss him and hug him as a husband!
I want to share the first dance with him and ONLY him!
I want to be able to do whatever I want and go wherever I want to go with him!
I want to not have to ask, but be able to see him everyday!!
I would looove for other people to be jealous of what him and I have together(:
I want that day to come for me. And I know it will, just not soon enough=P

My wedding day is going to be FULL of surprises!
The day we get married, all of our family members will become one big family, but like Brandon and I will become one(:| So in that case, our family's will sit together, AS ONE! There will be no assigned seats... you're going to have to get used to each other, so you might as well just sit by each other=P
I am... going to have:
*Popcorn Chicken from Wal Mart as my meal; with mashed potatoes, corn, strawberry with chocolate... [a fountain by the way], pasta salad my way(:|
My bridesmaids are going to be:
*Maid of Honor=Stephanie
Aunt Wendy(:
Flower Girls:

Then Brandon can pick whoever he wants on his side=P
What else is going to be different?
You know, every wedding I try to pick out stuff I will do different, stuff that will make people walk away from it remembering forever and saying, I loved that wedding|reception(:

I can't wait!
I hope it comes soon!

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